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    Building an eco-friendly home is an exciting journey, but we know it comes with its own set of questions. From the ins and outs of SIP structures to the benefits of energy-efficient design, we've got you covered.

    What does it cost to build with SIPs compared to traditional construction methods?

    Not only will you save money on future household bills, SIP construction comes with other economies. The structure is installed in a matter of days so labour costs are reduced and hardly any on-site waste is created.  The panels are easy to fix to, resulting in quicker follow-on trades. Benefits of SIPs…

    What makes your chalets eco-friendly?

    We ensure our properties are almost passive using a SIP structure combined with other eco systems that harness natural resources instead of using additional energy – such as mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) systems, underfloor heating, Canadian well, triple glazing, solar, shutters/blinds, reflective glass and heat pump. The SIP system has a negative carbon footprint due to the manufacturing process and recyclable materials. The panels create a fully airtight structure which is highly insulated with minimal heat loss. This allows us to control indoor air quality and temperature, and engineer a building that’s healthier to live in and healthier for the environment. Find out more…

    How do AA energy ratings benefit me as a homeowner?

    AA certification for energy and emissions means your home is almost passive and heating bills will be significantly lower – an important factor during this time of skyrocketing energy charges. Energy efficient homes that are airtight, with controlled ventilation circulating a constant supply of fresh air and maintaining a consistent temperature, are healthier to live in as well as healthier for the planet. Find out more…

    What materials do you use in your eco chalets?

    SIP panels consist of a high performance rigid insulation core integrally sandwiched between layers of Oriented Strand Board (OSB). The panels can be used to create external and internal walls, roofs and floors. They’re precision engineered and pre-fabricated in the factory, shipped to site and installed using a unique jointing system in conjunction with traditional carpentry. The resulting highly insulated structure is quick to assemble and easy to fix to for follow-on trades. It is significantly stronger than traditional timber frame and can withstand extreme climates. Learn about SIPs…

    How long does it take to build an eco chalet?

    From breaking ground it’s usually around a year to completion of a fully-managed project. The SIP structure can be installed in under 2 weeks, then over the next month windows, doors, roof covering and external cladding are added. Internal works can take place over winter as the structure is so well insulated. We can over see all or part of your project whatever stage in the planning process you are up to. How we work…

    What are the long-term maintenance requirements for an eco SIP chalet?

    There are no additional requirements compared to a traditional timber frame construction. Learn about SIPs…