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janvier 25th, 2024

Eco Chalets Save €48,000 Per Year On Energy Bills

With energy bills skyrocketing it’s now more important than ever to keep useage low to minimise impact on your wallet as well as the environment. So the news that ECSUS Design’s SIP eco chalets saved clients €48,000 on annual heating bills in 2023, while using just a third of the energy consumed by the average home, is a win win for homeowners and the planet.

At ECSUS Design our ethos is building eco-friendly properties that work in equilibrium with their surroundings. Harnessing the natural heat energy from the ground and air we can heat the building in winter and cool it in summer using minimal electricity.

Incoming air is heated completely passively before it enters the building by drawing it through an underground pipe buried to a depth where the ground retains a constant warm temperature. It’s then further heated with energy transferred from outgoing warmed air, before it finally enters living areas fresh and pre-heated.

Water and underfloor heating is heated by air source heat pump which is 3 times more efficient than a gas boiler. The heat in the home is then retained extremely efficiently within an airtight SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) structure, aided by triple and solar glazed windows.

All this means our eco chalets require much less energy to keep them cosy, resulting in significant savings on heating bills for clients.

Our recently completed project Chalet 25 in Montriond is a stunning contemporary family home featuring a triple height living room with large windows maximising the mountain views. The building used just under 10,000kwh of electricity in 2023, compared to an average 200m2 property with average insulation value that uses 33,411 kwh per year. Taking the EDF base rate of €0.2276 per kwh, Chalet 25’s energy consumption cost €2270, compared to the average home cost of €7604. That’s a saving for Chalet 25 of €5334 per year.

Multiply that by the 9 chalets we built in 2023 and we estimate savings of €48,000 per year for clients, and savings of 207,000kwh for the environment, which will keep mounting up every year into the future.

All ECSUS eco chalets receive AA energy ratings and surpass the government’s RE2020 environmental regulations. Each is tested by a government agency and its energy usage and bills estimated before it can be signed off as compliant, which shows Chalet 25 is typical of one of our projects.

Robin Kellett, Chalet 25 owner, said: “We were keen to build eco anyway but these savings are a massive bonus especially as we see others struggling with huge energy bills. If you can future-proof yourself so that your property is much less vulnerable to fluctuations in the energy market why wouldn’t you? The eco systems we have installed are not hugely expensive, it just requires thinking through and clever integration by an eco specialist, which is why we’re pleased we found ECSUS Design.”

To enquire about building your own low-bills, high-efficiency chalet contact info@ecsusdesign.com.

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