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May 4th, 2021

ECSUS Design Supports ‘Montagne Verte’ Eco Change Plans

Eco constructors ECSUS Design are using their specialist knowledge to support environmental association Montagne Verte in their work to make Morzine and surrounding areas more eco friendly.

Construction project management company ECSUS Design are proud to be a Montagne Verte Foundation Member, one of the top tier supporters of positive environmental change in the area. Not only are they helping to fund the association’s work, ECSUS Design are also working with them on helping people make their homes more eco-friendly, and raising awareness of how to build to the highest eco standards.

Montagne Verte is a non-profit public benefit association working to providing solutions for mountain residents, visitors and businesses alike, to minimise their environmental impact.

ECSUS Design specialise in building Alpine chalets to passive house standards, incorporating eco systems to bring heating and hot water bills down to almost zero. They exclusively construct using prefabricated Kingspan SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) which are exceptionally energy efficient, in conjunction with other eco systems such as air sourced heat pump, heat exchanger, underfloor heating and triple glazing.

ECSUS Design founder Steve Downs said: “Montagne Verte and ourselves have the same ethos so wanted to join forces to create change within the local property sector and help people make greener decisions regarding their homes.

“We are working together on collating information about grants available for eco systems like solar and insulation, and pulling together resources so that homeowners can easily find ways to improve their carbon footprint. There are always options for increasing your eco credentials – from small impact, like draft excluders or LED lights, to installing highly efficient heating systems or building a state of the art eco home.”

The pair are looking to build on the Montagne Verte website’s Green Pages, which already highlights renewable energy providers.

Mr Downs added: “There is so much construction happening across the Alps but methods of building and heating those properties aren’t always kind to fragile mountain eco systems. The government is trying to change that, by bringing in RT2012 (soon to be followed by RE2020) environmental regulations for new builds and TVA reductions for eco renovation, for example. Plus technology is evolving to make homes work smarter and more eco all the time. We aim to arm people with information so they can be part of the change.”

For more information on Montange Verte visit their website.

Montagne Verte has opened a pop up shop in Morzine; visit the shop on Rue du Bourg.

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