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July 24th, 2016

French Property News features ECSUS Design’s Record Chalet Build

Our record-breaking 5-day ski chalet build has grabbed the attention of the press. French Property News featured ECSUS Design and our build in Saint Jean de Sixt in their August issue.

The article describes our chalet as ‘one of the fastest ever built in the Alps’. The 120msq, 3-bedroom chalet was constructed by our expert team assembled from the Netherlands and southern France. French Property News tells readers we’re now set to ‘revolutionise building in the mountains’ as the first to introduce SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) to the country.

Their expert writers point out that builders have been struggling to achieve the French government’s new energy efficiency standards RT2012 – but the SIP panel’s in-built insulation easily surpasses them. The speed of construction also makes SIPs perfect for building in the mountains, where extremes of weather leave a small window for construction.

Because of all this and more, ‘building with SIPs can be cheaper and more eco-friendly than using traditional Alpine methods,’ they write. The article also links to our time-lapse footage of the 5-day chalet build.


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