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March 28th, 2017

Tips On Buying Land For A Chalet Build In The Alps

We love making the Alpine chalet dream come true for our clients – and it all starts with finding the right plot of land to build on.

Our SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) construction system allows for easy, quick construction even on difficult mountain terrain. But if you’re starting your search for constructible land it’s worth bearing in mind there are ways to make your build easier and cheaper – by following our tips.

  1. A steep site is not a cheap site. Building on a slope means digging into the earth and necessitates extra concrete works, which are one of the most expensive parts of any build. You may benefit from great views from a hillside plot, but finding a flat site will save you time and cash.
  2. Are there services already connected? If so, you’ve just saved tens of thousands of euros and a lot of time getting them connected yourself.
  3. Check how much sun your plot gets year-round. A site that’s bathed in sun when you view it in June might just be in darkness all of December, especially if you’re surrounded by mountains.
  4. Ask at the Mairie to see the PLU (Plan Locale d’Urbanisme) – the local council’s plan for all the land in the area. Check if your site is categorised as ‘constructible’ and what’s happening with neighbouring plots. The PLU will also explain what can be built there and in what style.
  5. Find out if your plot has had a soil survey. That will determine whether the ground is suitable for shallow foundations. If clay or solid rock are found, more costly groundworks will be required.
  6. Get to know the area and view the land on a cold, wet, rainy day when it’s looking at its worst. If you still love it, go for it!

You can also contact ECSUS Design for a free initial consultation if you’re considering a plot of land for a SIPs chalet.

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