We do more than just build.

A Team You Can Trust

Our experienced team of architects, designers, and project managers, along with our trusted construction partners and service providers, ensures your project runs seamlessly.


Why choose ECSUS Design for your bespoke chalet construction?

Our reputation, local contacts and competitive tendering process mean we achieve great value for clients - in many cases saving more money than we charge. We find cost-effective solutions throughout the build process and avoid any extra costs with careful planning. Clients save their own time and gain peace of mind by having us expertly manage the project - win win.

Chalet Le Praz interior ECSUS Design

We’re with you all the way

We can oversee your project right from advising on land purchase, consulting on architectural design through to turnkey solutions. We offer full or partial project management tailored to your needs. Whether it’s architectural consulting or SIP installation, we’re flexible—just ask.

Our holistic approach

We start by getting to know you and your unique needs during the detailed design process. Our team of architects, designers, and engineers then translate that understanding into a tailored, eco-efficient home that suits your lifestyle. With mood boards, sketches, 3D models, and plans, we offer a complete visual journey to help you envision your dream home before it becomes a reality.

Eco is our passion

We’re not just building homes; we’re creating eco-conscious sanctuaries. All of our projects achieve AA energy ratings, ensuring low heating bills and a minimal carbon footprint. Using timber and insulated SIP panels, along with smart ventilation, we make homes that breathe as well as you do. No need to stress about cranking up the heat or staying cool—your comfort and the planet’s well-being are always at the forefront.

You can trust us

Building a dream home in a different region or language requires a team you can rely on. We’re a French-registered and fully-insured Master of Works led by bilingual architect Steve Downs. Our diverse team of experts speaks both French and English and uses specialised online software to keep you updated on every project detail—from site updates to budget tracking. Plus, our work is backed by a 10-year French insurance, complemented by glowing testimonials from satisfied clients.


Meet our core team of architects, designers, office staff and project managers

Steven Downs
Architect / Maitre d’Oeuvre (Project Manager)
Katie Downs
Business & Marketing Director
Maayan Kellett-Navellou
Office Manager
Pierre Jouvet
Maitre d’Oeuvre (Project Manager) - interiors
Alex Watton
Chief carpenter⁠
Claire Collins
interior designer
Craig Widdicombe
Maitre d’Oeuvre (Project Manager)
Martin Commane
Landscape Architect

Partnering for a Greener Future

Building eco-friendly structures with SIP Europe

We take immense pride in our partnership with SIP Europe, a leader in manufacturing SIP panels and timber frames committed to quality and environmental sustainability. Utilising specialised software, they calculate the carbon footprint of each project, consistently achieving a negative carbon footprint ranging from -12,000 to -30,000 kg of CO2.

Our collaboration extends to their expert SIP engineers in Slovakia, ensuring each structure aligns with the architect’s vision while optimising timber use and minimising waste.

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“Steve and the team helped us save money and optimise our design to create the kind of house we never dreamed we’d live in. We were kept informed all the way through, guided to the best-value quotations and worked with experienced craftspeople and project managers all the way through. Would definitely build again with ECSUS Design.”

Robin Kellett, Chalet 25

Forest full of trees

our pledge

Building a sustainable future

At ECSUS Design we’re not just about building homes; we’re about building a sustainable future. We are proud to support Montagne Verte, a Haute Savoie non-profit public benefit association working to providing solutions for mountain residents, visitors and businesses alike, to minimise their environmental impact. Funded by members, the association employs a Sustainability Director to work full time on all things climate related.

As a member of Montagne Verte, we are contributing to the important process of turning Morzine and its neighbouring towns into a more sustainable resort, to ensure we can all enjoy the mountains for generations to come. Together we make a collective, and a collective can make a difference.

Assisted and funded by ECSUS Design, the Montagne Verte Green Pages guide to grants (2021) for eco construction and renovation is available to download.

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Eco Chalets Save €48,000 Per Year On Energy Bills

With energy bills skyrocketing it’s now more important than ever to keep useage low to minimise impact on your wallet as well as the environment. So the news that ECSUS Design’s SIP eco chalets saved clients €48,000 on annual heating bills in 2023, while using just a third of the energy consumed by the average…


Join us on our mission to create high quality, low environmental impact homes in the beautiful surroundings of the Haute Savoie. Together we can make your eco ski chalet dream come to life.